7 Important Reasons For You To Drink More Water

Water is considered a vital substance for the human species. It is not only necessary for our survival, it makes up the majority of our organism and our planet as well. We drink it, use it for the preparation of meals, personal hygiene, household care, transportation, electricity production and many other things.

And from the things we learn that are essential for us to live is breathing and water . Of course, a good diet and healthy habits help a person to live longer and better. And there’s no shortage of tips and reminders to eat better and exercise. But the same is not seen with drinking fluids.

So much so that many people forget to drink water. The truth is, staying hydrated is just as important as a healthy diet. The water is critical to the functioning of the body and performs several functions. Here are important reasons why you should drink more water.

1 – Improves the skin

Nowadays everyone is looking for the best products to make a skincare . And actually, drinking clean water helps your skin retain moisture. This causes the skin’s elasticity to increase which minimizes the visibility of wrinkles. In addition, water also helps to remove toxins and minimize pores. Which helps to “clear” acne.

2 – Helps maintain pressure

Blood is made approximately 90% water. Because of this, dehydration can cause it to thicken. This in turn raises blood pressure, which can cause fatal illnesses. That’s why it’s important to drink enough water to help keep your blood pressure at normal levels.

3 – Lubricates the joints

Water is also very important for the maintenance of cartilage, which is the connective tissue that covers and protects the ends of bones. If a person is dehydrated, in the long run this can cause cartilage shrinkage. Which in turn can result in joint pain and damage.

4 – Improves performance in sport

According to some scientists, increasing water intake can improve exercise performance. And one study found that dehydration negatively affects performance in activities that last longer than 30 minutes.

5 – It makes you smarter

The human brain is 80% water. Because of that, staying hydrated will benefit you in many ways. One is improving concentration and cognition. In addition to helping balance mood and emotions and serving to maintain memory function.

6 – Help in preventing hangovers

While it’s been suggested recently that drinking alcohol doesn’t dehydrate the body, alternating an alcoholic drink with a glass of water will help you avoid a hangover. This is due to the fact that alcohol consumption is reduced if only one in two drinks is alcoholic.

7 – Helps maintain body temperature

This may be an obvious thing, but drinking water will help keep your body cool in extreme heat. When the body heats up, water reaches the surface of the skin and evaporates in the form of sweat. That’s what causes the cooling effect.